Michael is currently part of a small project, speculatively named Outpost 13, with Owen Elliott and Georgette Nummelin. The aim of the project is to create high quality, custom science fiction and war gaming miniatures for tabletop gaming. 

The driving force behind the project is the team's desire for affordable standardised and custom miniatures that can be used for a variety of gaming genres.


Michael has been working on some ideas for a tank type vehicle for the Outpost 13 project.





The official Outpost 13 site has been launched! It is going to take a while to get everything up and running but we are getting there.



After some initial problems with the first mould creating attempt which resulted in a swiss cheese affect due to air bubbles, a second attempt has produced a much better result. The mould has been created using VytaFlex - 50, which is a urethane rubber compound. Owen and Michael will be blogging the process soon and will have some accompanying video. Until then, below are some images of the current mould attempts by Owen.